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Nonprofit Work is a Contact Sport

Countless applicants to my company walk in assuming that working for a nonprofit is a “happy go lucky” routine where days are filled with easy and fulfilling work. And while it is always fulfilling, it is seldom easy. Affecting social change is difficult. In fact, throughout history, any real and lasting social change has required […]

Managing Millennial Managers

Being blessed with the opportunity to coach and guide several young non-profit executives over the last few years has given me great insights about the needs of millennials in the business environment. Recently, I have had the opportunity to start managing millennials who are themselves now managing others – a topic with precious few articles […]

The Great Divide-d Attention

What are you paying attention to these days? How many screens are glowing in front of you right now? 3 for me. My attention has become so divided that it is a struggle to focus on any one thing, even when I desperately need to. In fact, I find myself seeking division when there aren’t […]

Effective Engagement of Volunteer Boards

As the demand for people’s time is ever increasing in today’s over programmed society, their interest and ability to give of what they can spare is diminishing. No longer are people getting involved just because its a good cause. There needs to be a deeper connection that creates a strong affinity between the individual, the […]

Constant Connection = Hazy Horizon

Newest movie release seconds away via on demand? Check. Piping hot pizza delivered in under 30? Done. Ability to remain tethered to friends, family, customers, and the latest celebrity gossip at all times? Yep. Sunday home delivery of anything I want (possibly by drone) thanks to my good Amazonian friends? Absolutely. All those amazing improvements […]

Alright Stop. Collaborate and Listen.

Perhaps the best advice one can glean from a Vanilla Ice song are the words of this article’s title… Leaders today, more than ever before, must be willing to regularly stop what they’re doing and be collaborative. Far too often leaders assume that the direction they set is the best (or only) path forward. The […]

Making Change

I had a long conversation last week with a notable volunteer in my nonprofit organization about his past experiences across the country. There was a clear underlying theme to everything we discussed; change. No surprise there right? Change is constant (some say the only one) and all organizations experience it. What’s interesting about a large […]